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Search Engine Optimization service offered by Convergent Infoware are safe and holistic. Staying compliant to white hat SEO techniques we create scope to achieve higher rankings and ensure to never bring damage to your Google SERP.

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Remove Blocks from the Road to Success

Different behind-the-scenes issues may prevent your websites from achieving higher ranking; we stringently identify those impediments and bring required changes to help the right users to find out your site.


Our SEO strategy and overall search engine marketing service is built around your current position and goals. Besides increasing ranking and traffic we also focus on improving sales and brand awareness.

Local Search Optimization

We implement local SEO tactics so that your website may rank higher in the organic search results when a local users request for relevant query. Our local search engine optimization services in India are particularly directed at local consumers who want to buy similar product or service offered by you.

Get More Conversions

We run A/B test, restructure the contact forms and integrate hands-on conversion optimization strategies for ensuring your can earn benefit from your website.

Never Be Afraid of Penalty

We strictly avoid black hat SEO techniques so that our client’s website may not suffer Google penalty or defamation. We never entertain the idea of employing aggressive SEO tactics that doesn’t obey the rule of search engine even on request.

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We offer complete audits of your website demonstrating your current online ranking and potential scope of improvement. Whether you are completely new or have already struggled to optimize your website, we promise you to provide zero-obligation assessment of your position in the digital marketplace.


Besides on-site content, Search engine also values external link that does not only boost up external traffic but also improve your value in the search engine ranking by appealing the search engine algorithms. Strategic link building develops measurable inroads to your website and certainly the better the links would be the more competitive ranking your website would get.


Our SEO service starts with identifying the relevant keywords that are typically used by the intended audience while searching for similar products or service you offer. Our SEO experts are well-versed in selecting keywords that can be integrated with web copy naturally, seamlessly that helps in optimizing the search engine results without compromising with the content value and user experience. The keyword strategy and SEO practices incessantly evolve thus we constantly monitor your website’s performance for finding out keywords that have the potentiality of generating desired results.


Web analytics is crucial for understanding the visitor’s behaviors and interests, hence we keep an eye on your website’s key performance indicators and track behavior both onsite and offsite. Our analytics report provides information regarding the effectiveness of our campaign and the way users interact with your website. This information is supportive in making strategic adjustments for further improvement of conversion rates. We illustrate your SEO gains in easily comprehendible terms so that you can understand in which way the strategies evolve and generate more revenue.


The most effective strategies often fail to prove themselves – it requires creative thinking. With our in-depth understanding of SEO we are able to develop highly competitive campaigns. Our exceptional analysis method concentrates on diverse aspects than just revolving round keywords. We develop SEO campaign after extensively studying your direct competition, starting from their on-site development code, off-site SEO to analyze site maps. It allows us to help you in emerging as a strong contender and reach easily to the prospects. .


Nothing but the content vastly influences search engine listing, thus with our efficient writing team and optimization strategies we create content that besides representing your brand also boosts your website’s performance. By creating accurate and informative content, our in-house creative team keeps steady the flow of original, high quality content optimized with today’s industry standard. Web is already cluttered with infinite contents and there is simply no place for irrelevant, uninteresting contents thus our content management team work closely with your business in order to develop content strategy in compliance with the journey and personas of your audience.


Use of established SEO techniques may oftentimes cause a number of on-page defects that may work as barrier in-between the improvement of website’s ranking. For repairing the defective on page elements our competent developer team first determine the proper landing pages then look for canonical errors, broken links on the website then the issues are resolved. Then they proceeds towards optimizing the title, header, Meta description and image ALT tags of the web-pages that have great potential to attract visitors. Aside of that, we also optimize other meta tags such as Dublin Core meta tag and open graph tags, GEO tags for local optimization and structured data ( microformats, microdata, Data Highlighter and RDFa) on every web-pages. At a regular interval we check our client’s website with Google webmaster tool as well as integrate Google Analytics Code that track and report about website traffic. The Web master Tool allows us to identify issues that your site may encounter and whether it is infected by malware or not. The final step is included of XML sitemap, Geositemap.xml, Robots.txt and locations.kml creation and uploading it on the server for Google submission. We also build Social Media Profiles and put it in the website that can work as an effective backlink.


As popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing as well as AOL put emphasize on real-time searches during determining the rank of websites, hence constructing dynamic social media presence has become significant for any business. Our social media management service is included of posting regular updates, increasing the number of ‘share’ and ‘like’, business page, profile creation, inviting friends based upon geo-location. Besides that you also focus on promoting your business page and joining, interacting with related groups who share thoughts and opinion about your business or similar products and service you offer.

Search Engine Optimization Service

Search Engine Optimization is an effective process of optimizing website for showing the search engines its relevancy to certain phrases and keywords entered by the users. It requires the right combination of creativity and in-depth expertise on different strategies and tactics that help to maneuver around the Google algorithm.

Search Engine Optimization service is not about using random tips and tricks for improving website’s ranking. With our precise knowledge in SEO service, we optimize your website in the right way for achieving better ranking and to gain more exposure to large number of people in India and all across the globe. We work abiding by the rules of organic SEO techniques and staying adhered to the estimated budget we want to provide SEM service in India at a delightfully affordable rate. Most of the firms claim to render Minneapolis SEO service, but in reality only few of them have the capability and knowledge of generating sustainable improvement.

We work with the aim of bringing your business on the very first page of search engine result. We implement our strategically develop plan for resolving the problems after identifying the challenges your website face while racing for higher ranks. We work to make it certain that Search Engines get to know your website serve the best content for their users and to ignite the growth of your website we create and curate informative content that people will regard consider significant enough to share.

We Creates Impeccable Online Presence of your business.

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