Are you in the search of tailored mobile application development services from India for addressing your business app needs? Partnering with Convergent Infoware can enable you to drive your ideas towards achieving a new height with optimum impact. Our profound knowledge of mobile technologies and frameworks help us to explore more business prospects.

Managing Your Online Business With Mobile Apps

With the rise of digitalization, the number of smartphone users has also increased rapidly. And because of this, the global marketplace is experiencing an enormous increase in the number of smartphone apps that consumers use on a daily basis. Average people spend hours in accessing different applications to access information or avail on-demand services. Due to this reason, mobile applications play an instrumental role in the digital interaction. So, businesses that don’t use the power of digitalization simply fail to unlock their potentiality.

Offering services or selling products through mobile apps can be an excellent approach to do your business in a hassle-free way, because most of your potential customers are finding you there online. A full functioning mobile application can help businesses to increase their reach and retain customers regardless of their type. It is not like only big brands need mobile apps to run their business. Small and medium enterprises are also following the trend and making the most out of it.

Based on the development process we have categorized mobile applications mainly in two different sections.
They are as follows:

Native Apps

Native apps are dedicatedly built so that it can run on a particular platform like Android, iOS or Windows

To build native apps you have to hire dedicated developers for each platform. So, the development cost and time will increase automatically

Advantages Ability to work without internet comprehensive integration of devices SDK for developers better UX available from app stores

Developers need Objective C and Java to build iOS and Android apps respectively

High in security

It supports cross-platform

High in UI and UX standards

Low in code portability

Hard to port on other systems

Complex to code

Improved graphics

Hybrid App

This type of applications are built using multi-platform web technologies. They are mainly web applications presented in a native way

Hybrid apps can be developed within least amount of time and at a fairly cheaper price

Advantages One codebase to deal with unified development efficient scaling ability to reach wider audience base with no ad blockers

Developers need HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build hybrid apps

Low in security

It does not support cross-platform

Moderate in UI and UX standards

High in code portability

Easy to port on any system

Respectively easy to code

Lesser graphics with respect of native apps

Our native mobile app development practice is categorized into the following two types :

Android Mobile Apps Development : In this department our developers build dedicated apps only for the Android operating system. We use .XML for designing and Advance Java for developing it. When it comes to the Android Development Tool (ADT) we rely on Android Studio.

iOS Mobile Apps Development : Our dedicated app developers use iOS Storyboard Auto Layout for designing and Objective C or Swift for coding. We use XCODE as the iOS development tool.

As a leading offshore software development company in India, Convergent Infoware offers the best mobile app development services. We focus on latest technology and offers industry-specific services to our clients. In the course of our successful journey of years, we have helped both local and international brands to achieve their business goals faster through software solutions.

Here at Convergent Infoware, we always keep tracking the emerging technologies and execute them on our projects. It helps us to bring forward-thinking solutions for our clients. As a result, we offer numerous advantages to them and the list includes developing full functioning apps backed by reliable automation, top-level security with block chain etc.

In addition, we also help business to enhance their visibility, accessibility and enable them to reinforce their brand value through our app development services. Whether you run a start-up or MNC, our professional team will help you to succeed with your mobile strategy in any circumstances. This is the main reason that makes us distinct than others.

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Our 6-step mobile app development procedure includes:


Our mobile application development process initiates by defining your goals concerning the app. The analysis process revolves around determining essential factors for perceiving your mobile strategy properly.

Design and development

Depending on the inputs collected from the earlier phase, our expert mobile app developers design the user interface mockups. Once the client approves the design, we focus on programming the functional app by integrating relevant features.

Strategic Planning

In this phase, we concentrate on extensive planning. Our experienced mobile app developers readily focus on some significant provisions like app features, data requirements, and UI design at this stage.

Quality Check

For delivering error free final product, we arrange quality check process. When it comes to app development, wide-ranging technical appraisal is required. We conduct this phase to ensure the product is bug free with minimum risk of crashing.


The prepared application needs to be distributed in the pertinent app store for reaching the target users. Sit back and relax while our skilled developer team make it certain that your app is properly listed.

Post Distribution Support

The launched app requires nourishment at a regular interval owing to the changes introduced to OS version and hardware features. Our dedicated team always ensure the efficient functioning of your application.

Features of Our
Mobile App Development Services

Behind our every successful custom android mobile app development project, there’s a cleverly crafted strategy starting from conceptualization to monetization and beyond. The common features that our developers integrate in the mobile application development services mostly include:

Feedback System

Acknowledging the significance of receiving the user’s feedback, we emphasize on integrating feed functionality. Whether it’s by clicking a button or by visiting a link to open the email, we ensure the users can let you know about bugs and express their perspective about the app in no time. This feature helps in establishing a positive brand image as users appreciate when you are being modest enough to consider their reviews.

Social Media Integration

It is significant to incorporate essential features for stimulating the popularity of the application in social media as the majority of individuals are reliant on these platforms. By incorporating social media login, sign in technology we deliver your users an easier way to access your app and stay engaged to it. It affects directly to make your business more attractive and popular.

Allow Customization

We employ our utmost effort in building customization options for enhancing the comfort level of the users. We not only give the users freedom of choosing fonts, colors but also allow them to optimize the privacy settings. This feature bestows ample opportunities of adjusting the app the way they like.

Eliminate Clicks

We eradicate unnecessary click and tap from the design as conversion rate drastically falls when individuals need to put extra information during signup. When we are in the charge of developing your mobile application, be ensured of having maximum user engagement. We leave no stone unturned to make the small window attractive to the users.

Include Analytics

Irrespective of the size of the business, it’s significant to observe and identify the actions of the users for enhancing the overall feature of the data and content relevancy. Being the reputed providers of Mobile Application Development Services in India, we incorporate analytical system for collecting vital information helpful in making more strategic decision.

Offline Capabilities

We concentrate on developing interactivity or integrated content that doesn’t depend on the wireless signal. By engaging the users even when they are not under the coverage of network, you can offer better user experience that is utterly helpful in creating positive image.

Our Recent Portfolio

Building scalable and robust mobile applications is the core of our business. Here are some of the recent mobile application development projects on which we have employed the best of our skills and knowledge.

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