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At Convergent Infoware we specialize in social media marketing, content development and more. We bring commercial success with diligent and integrated approach.

Social Media Marketing

Facilitate Your Business with Our Well-Integrated Social Media Marketing Campaign

From the very day business has started using social media platforms, the barrier between customers and business having direct interaction is becoming thinner and thinner. It helps you in interacting with your target audience up close and personal and reciprocating to their problems without delay.

By improving brand loyalty and increasing brand awareness we fetch higher conversion rates. We amplify business volume through our scalable social media marketing technique for reaching end-users.

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Our Process

Social Consultancy

At the preliminary stage a strategy will be built based upon the end goals of the clients. Whether you want our guidance to lead your marketing teams or want us to develop your social presence starting from scratch we would direct you to the right path with best approach.

Social Tone and Nature

The ways business can utilize social media varies massively. Our expert team will help you to find the proper tone of voicing your business and service, ensuring your business is depicted exactly as same as you want. Moreover, we create scope of having conversation by posting reactive updates that attains brand coverage beyond the immediate industry.

Social PPC

With the advent of Social ads, business obtains a new way of improving their online presence. We make it an impactful way of generating interest to newly introduced product through promoted Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, Facebook ads or sponsored Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest ads.

Brand Management

For establishing positive image about your business in social media we carefully analyze and tune the relationship customer share with your business and help in defining their perception about your brand.

Social Media Monitoring

By evaluating through the social networks we explore what’s streaming about your business and how does it affecting your image. Vast assessment and consequently collected report help us in identifying your current social presence. By documenting your actual clients we help you in shaping up the future marketing plan in social circles, it also enable you to define future marketing plan across existing marketing channels.

Create and Curate Content

Content fuels social media hence we considering generating engaging, informative content as our top priority. To handle the chaotic nature of Social media we progress through deliberate steps. Armed with the collected information we evaluate the preference and demand of the target audience before scheduling and publishing content aligning with the content calendar.

Cross Promotion of Content

After publishing content we don’t stand back and cross finger with the hope visitors will stumble into the content. We spread the content on cross channels after understanding channel performance.

Community Building and Management

Social Media is about connecting business with audience and building a community who consistently share your content in their circle. Through our measurable steps your audience will commence generating user generated content and eventually organically your reach would be extended.

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