Affordable Pay per Click (PPC) Services

At Convergent Infoware our PPC marketing service is targeted towards generating more ROI by amplifying your conversion rate and maintaining budget without compromising with performance

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Enrich Your Visibility with Our result-Oriented PPC Campaign Experience

By using PPC you can enjoy certain advantages over the traditional digital marketing processes including fast, measurable result. It is indeed the promptest and most organized way to put your business right in front of people who are looking for similar service or products you offer. PPC ads offers instant visibility, enhance local visibility and generate more leads and as you need to pay for qualified traffic you would have control on budget and ROI of your campaign.

At Convergent Infoware we ensure our clients need to invest low while earning higher revenue. Our PPC experts design highly fruitful online promotional campaign. Our specialized service offers efficient campaigns on diverse search engines and Facebook after delving deep into your market.

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Our Service Features

PPC Strategy

For understanding your business better, we thoroughly discuss with our clients about their business, USPs and competitors. Depending upon these factors we determine strategies for delivering best possible result.


A comprehensive knowledge about your business helps us to target the appropriate audience. We employ sophisticated strategies for establishing target demographic.


Business that sells products online must include shopping campaigns into their online advertising methodology. The ability of displaying pricing and images in the search engine pages is a coherent part that can’t be avoided. We ensure the right products are shown in the result for addressing relevant queries for maximizing your ROI.


Users may leave your website without accomplishing the buying process for various reasons. Possibly their internet had stopped working or they just needed more time before purchasing. Regardless the situation, we consider remarketing as a necessary part to bring these users back to the sales funnel.


Without the right implementation of the extracted data, optimizing your PPC campaign would be nothing but throwing stones into a dark night. No stone is left unturned until the tracking process is established properly providing us the necessary data needed for optimizing the accounts.


We generate reports featuring meaningful insights of your PPC campaigns that help you to assess the progress of our work. The report also provides substantial information on your competitor’s performance and the performance of your paid search against the prime metrics you are interested in.

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