Convergent Infoware is an innovative company offering IT services for global clients which is driven by creativity and state of the art technology. High quality software development or web development services, affordable costs and substantial experience in handling outsourced projects are a few of the reasons. Here are those factors that make us stand out in the worldwide pool of software and web development solution providers.


Outsourcing Facts to Convergent Infoware

Outsourcing of business processes has become one of the operating norms that most of the organizations are almost swearing by. So when you are relying on us as your outsourcing partner, you have more reasons to rejoice as we do not offer run-of-the-mill services when you are seeking for quality IT solutions. When it becomes difficult to handle all aspects of a business, or when some temporary business processes needs expertise, an external service provider steps in to offer substantial help. Hiring our outsourcing services can satiate you to the core and the benefits that you avail are plenty. Just go through the few points why you and your business is at an advantageous position when you seal the deal with us:

Technical Expertise & Experience

Our strong domain knowledge is complimented by our technical expertise in diverse technology platforms. These factors along with 12 years of a truly global software and web solutions development and implementation experience helps our customers in choosing the right technology platform for their solution as well as reduce development time.

Strong Domain Knowledge

Being a trusted outsourcing partner over years have helped us to gain a strong domain knowledge in various industry verticals. We share and utilize this knowledge while developing software and web solutions for our customers.

Effective Communication

Our experience in communicating effectively with clients located in different time-zones have helped us to maintain timely communication schedules. Also the fact that every client project has an individually allocated Account Manager helps in reducing the time taken in exchange of client-to-provider ideas.

Requirements analyzing thoroughly

We are easing out your worries to a great extent by not letting you concentrate on all aspects of your business. Let us deal with the supporting business processes for which you do not have an in-house team for effective delivery. We have the specialist professionals, so we will get your job done in a seamless way!

Core Business Focus

As we perform our duties as the offshore IT department of our clients with utmost responsibility, our clients can happily leave their IT related concerns and hassles on our trusted shoulders and concentrate more on their core business activities.

Client Data Security

We understand the importance of the sensitive business data that our clients hand over to us. Our strict confidentiality policy, Project data security policy, Access protocols and personnel guidelines ensure protection of client data.

Reduce the risk factor

When you are banking on an outsourced company, you are actually sharing your companies associated risk! We deliver not only by identifying your business’ strength, weakness, opportunities and threats in the operating domain; we aid you to plan your risk-mitigating phase in a better way after proper risk analysis and assessment. We specializing in any of your IT needs as a specialist can definitely make you overcome your business risks.

Cost Benefits

Our mission has always been providing affordable software and web development services. Being located in India our man-hour rates are the most competitive. This fact coupled with our strong quality management process results in highly usable, scalable and effective solutions that maintain a high quality without being expensive.

Location Advantage

We are located in Kolkata, India – the metro city with the lowest cost-of-living in India. A city that provides you with all the infrastructures at the lowest possible costs, a city that has a huge talent pool of highly qualified and talented IT professionals. These factors help us to provide the most cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality.

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