We are living in the era of digitalization where people cannot think of a single day without internet connection. In fact these days the performance of a business also depends on the performance of its website and the reputation of its online presence. So, overall it is fair to conclude that entrepreneurs who do not have a high functioning website are missing the opportunity of enhancing the growth of their business. In this online territory, websites are referred to the second location of a business. And thus it can be said that the importance of getting a high functional website is increasing day by day for the online brands.

So if your website is not designed and developed nicely then it can also potentially harm the performance of your business. On the other hand, if you have a fully functional, attractive website then it will be easier for you to drag the attention of your prospective customers. As a result, you will also get the chance to generate more leads and increase the rate of conversion.


Job Portal Website – Its Purpose and Uses

Companies or developers build a website, forum or portal in order to solve the needs of the visitors. Take online shopping portals as an example. Having an eCommerce website helps businesses to sell their products online. On the other hand, sellers use the platform for finding and buying products they need. So this is how an eCommerce website fulfils the need of both buyers and sellers.


Similar to it, Job portal is known as a dynamic portal website and they are used by both employers and job seekers. A job portal website deals with both employment and career. Job seekers use this type of platform for finding and applying jobs. On the other hand, employers use this type of platform for filling the vacant positions in their organization. This is how a job portal website solves the purpose of both job seekers and employers.


However, designing and developing a full fictional website, as job portal is not as easy as it seems. You can make a Google search to find a portal development company in order to build your own job portal. Meanwhile, you also need to stick with some tips and g professional guidelines to make the most of your portal development. In the below section we will reveal an ultimate guide of building a job portal website. Knowing these facts will help you to take your portal to the next level.


Job Portal Design & Development Tips

While designing and developing a job portal website, businesses need to stick with the following tips. It will help them to make the website helpful and easy to use for both job seekers and employers.


Increase the Functionality and Improve UX

The functionality of a website refers to the interactive part of the website that allows the user to respond in some way. By improving the functionality of the website you will also get the opportunity to enhance the user experience. As a result, they get the chance to convert their visitors into clients. This is how you can also enhance the conversion rate simply by improving the functionality of your website.

Design an Attractive Mock-up

In today’s competitive marketplace businesses cannot take the design of their website for granted. Meanwhile, it is also important for them to understand the fact that they cannot sacrifice the functionality of the website over its beautification. You can consider hiring the best job portal design company for designing an attractive job portal.

Their skill of creating eye-catching graphical content and experience of applying proper colour scheme will enable you to build good-looking but high functional website. Meanwhile, it is also important to ensure that the website is mobile-friendly. The responsiveness of your website can also be your key to winning SERP battle as mobile-friendly features of the websites have become important ranking factor among all the leading search engines including Google.



Develop an Online CV Builder & Improve Its Usefulness

Job seekers know the importance of creating good-looking professional CV as it can be their entry pass into the corporate world. So, when designing your website you can also ask your portal development company to build an online CV generator on your portal. Keep the application simple and easy to use. Just ensure that users can easily generate their own CV by filling their personal and professional information on the CV builder application.


Quick Tips to Follow

By following the 3 crucial tips mentioned above you will be able to enhance the functionality, attractiveness and the performance of your job portal. Meanwhile, you also need to stick with the following quick tips.  By applying these delicate changes on your website you will be able to take your website to a whole new level.


  • Ensure both job seekers and employers can register their profile for accessing the website.


  • Create 2 different signup options for employers. They can either do it as an organization or as an individual.


  • You can also consider building a mobile app for your job portal. Some quality companies are there that offer mobile development in India, as well in the other countries in the world. You can hire one of them for building a job portal app.


  • Ensure that when candidates are logged in they can access their previous activities.


  • Build a high functioning search engine on your website. Make sure that employers can use the console for finding available candidates for their vacancy that matches their criteria. On the other hand, ensure that job seeker can use the engine for searching the list of vacancies that match their qualification, and experience.

So these are the tips that you need to follow to build a high functioning, attractive website that will solve the purpose of both job seekers and employers. Hope reading this ultimate guide will be helpful to you when creating your own job portal. For any related question regarding job portal designing and development, feel free to use the comment box below.

Ultimate Guide of Making a Job Portal – Help Employers to Meet Talents

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