2019 will be a year of superior and strong cyber security, improved user experiences and a great prospect for SEO ranking. Businesses looking forward to enhance the usability, performance as well as the ranking of the product should check out the list of top web development trends that will shape this year. With the rise in the use of mobile, the scenario in the world of web development has changed even more.

Below discussed is the list of the modern developments in the field.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

Applications make overall functionality of the mobile or smartphones even more convenient. Progressive web apps imitate a similar kind of feel for mobile websites. The best thing is that PWA works as a native app, and at the same time, it doesn’t oblige users to download it from the app store. The progressive web app is delivered through the web, which is always accessible and loads instantly.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Websites

Experts have suggested on numerous occasions that functionality is the key to the overall success of the site. The user should not face any difficulty in finding what they are searching for, and the site should be competent enough to steer them in an intuitive manner.

Scrolling is indeed one of the best ways to navigate a mobile device and developers are aware of this fact. One-page websites have now become the biggest trend as it directly caters to mobile users. These sites do not have multiple pages, thus it gets easy to identify which particular information is available even while using a handheld gadget.

  1. Push Notifications

Today, it is not a big deal to let the target customers know about the arrival of new content on the site, even if they don’t sign up for a newsletter. Push notifications have become bigger because of this feature. Another best thing is that it also helps in driving traffic to the site as it offers updated without being blatant.

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  1. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google’s AMP is not a new thing, but it will certainly have a great impact on the overall web development trends. Interestingly, web developers have shown great interest in working with Google AMP because of its incredible features.

The ultimate aim of AMP is to let mobile websites run faster and proficiently. Although it comes with certain downsides, the benefits are incredible as it comes with the average loading time of 0.7 seconds.

  1. Motion IU

The use of motion user interface is one of the latest trends that is getting significant attention from the web developers all around the world. The core concept is similar to Google AMP, as Motion IU also needs more coding. The interactive surface drives the attention of people, and this would certainly big a massive success factor for any given site.

  1. Automated Online Customer Support

Customer service continues to play a pivotal role in the success of the business. With the addition of automation part, the function gets even much better. Even manual customer support is not there; businesses can continue easily. It also helps potential customers to get a resolution for the queries in case the online support does not exist.

Getting conversant with the latest trends from the world of web development is extremely crucial. Be it small scale business, big companies or even professionals; they can always get something new from the trends. It is also important not to make drastic changes in the site just because everyone is doing the same. Consider the latest performance of the site, target market and work on the goals.

Top Web Development Trends Businesses Should Focus in 2019
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