Only building a functional website will no longer help you to build brand awareness and defeat your competitor. The most important digital assets of your business need to look beautiful and ultra-functioning at the same time. You must serve your visitor the result they are looking for at the first glance. Time is an essential element of a business, but that is not the only reason why it has been compared to money. Time is the most vital essence for success.

One thing I can say you for sure, your visitors are no longer interested in scanning the complete web page and finding the answer they are seeking. If a site does not come to the point quickly, the visitor will bounce back as quickly as there is plenty of another websites that offers the same result. So if your website is going through low website traffic and fails to create high conversion rate then you might probably give a thought to the time-saving the design.

The Role Play of Attention Spans While Creating Digital Experiences

2 years ago, Microsoft has made a research about the technology and attention spans. The report revealed that attention spends has decreased up to 4 seconds in the last 13 years. In fact, another study made on 2013 revealed a mind blowing fact that stated that the average attention paid by a human being is one second shorter than goldfish. So,the entire UX and website designer must consider this fact for developing and optimizing a web page.

For being a successful website or web application today, you must have to provide the most relevant information. Remember one thing before designing a website. The website should have been eye catching and you must play a psychological game here to increase the conversion rate. A time-saving design for your website is the most efficient web design technique these days for getting a human response directly through the most guided internet web surfing experience.

What is Time Saving Design?

Time-saving design means a simple but not over simpler design for your website. For building a time-saving design make sure the navigation, headings, sub-heading or even the content should redirect your visitor to the information or the Call to Action button that they are seeking for.

The most common time-saving web design technique includes a linear design. The recent web design techniques demand that all the information of a website must be included on the home page. And then guide your visitors to the sub pages of your website based on their needs. So those days are gone when we put all the pages of a website under a drop-down menu.

A time-saving web design for both mobile and desktop users makes it easier for a visitor or potential lead to finding the answer, service or product in the shortest period of time that they are looking for. Business (websites) like Uber, Airbnb or Virgin America uses time-saving web design. On the other hand, a non-time saving design for your website makes it really hard for your visors to get to the answer they are looking for.

Top 4 Elements of Web Design that Saves Time for Users:

There are four elements beneath that a time-saving website lies. In the section below you will come to know about those 4 elements.

Minimalist Navigation: A time-saving design means taking visitors to the target page in a short period of time in fewer steps. CTA button, eye-catching design, forms, optimized buttons, links or even the menu bar can save the time of your user.

Quality Visual Content: You might already know that content is the king. But when it comes to time-saving design the definition of content gets slightly changed. For creating a rich visual content, do not just look at the writing; also try to put photos, quality graphics, infographics and other visual content for making your web page more eye-catching.

Linear Progressions: A time saving linear web design can save the time of your visitors and make them take action. For example, consider breaking your content and insert a “Read More” button. As a result, your visitor will get encouraged to make the action.

Automatic Suggestion Made by a Website: Try to suggest your visitor to visit another web page based on their action. Take reference from the similar item suggested by the Amazon. The study has shown that automated suggestion made by a website increase the chances of converting leads to a customer.

Understanding weather Time-Saving Design for Your Business is Right or Not:

It is not possible for all the business to create minimalist web design like Uber. But the fact is every business can be benefitted with a time-saving the design. Especially if you are running a B2B business and dealing directly with another business then you must need a time-saving design for your website.

Time-Saving Web Design Best Practice Tips:

A user gets satisfied automatically when he or she come to know his answer quickly. As a result the reputation of a business increases as a brand. Time-saving web design can also be used for increasing the conversion rate and aerodynamic sales.

Also, try to take reference from the experience of your customers’ journey through your website. A quantitative research-based the judgment of your users will help you to build an even better website than before.

Before you launch the website based on time-saving design, it is suggested to run A/B testing on your website. It will help you to understand what is working and what is not working on your website.

Bottom Lines:

So these are all the information that you need to know about the time-saving web design, its trends, and best practice. If you still have any quarries regarding this, feel free to leave us a mail.

Time-Saving Web Design for Increasing the Conversion Rate
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