Web development in general, is known as a complicated job. From UX to UI and site performance, in any project, there are several aspects that developers need to consider.

eCommerce Website

Especially when it comes to build a large-scale online store, the job gets more challenging. From accessing different product pages to make the purchase, developers need to make the entire process intuitive and easy. Check out a comprehensive a guide and learn about the top 5 consideration factors that every developer should aware of when developing an eCommerce website.

Responsive Design is Must

The uses of mobile devices are growing on a continuous basis. In fact, several studies have revealed the fact that a large number of eCommerce traffic (25% of overall) come from mobile devices. So, it has become incredibly important for marketers to optimize their website for mobile devices.


Whenever it comes to optimize a website for a mobile device, its responsiveness plays a crucial role in it. In fact, Google has also clearly mentioned the fact that responsive design is going to be an important ranking factor. So, it is always suggested to design and develop a responsive eCommerce website.

Optimizing the Performance of the Site

The load speed of a website plays an important role when determining the actual performance of the site. Several studies have shown the fact that 40% customer leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, overall it is fair to say that you will lose both of your potential and existing customers if your website is too slow to load. By following the tips mentioned below you will be able to optimize the performance of your website by enhancing its load speed:

  1. Minifying CSS and JavaScript files
  2. By reducing the redirections
  3. By using content distribution networks
  4. By using optimized images

Enable Guest Checkouts

Visitors need to create accounts when buying products from an eCommerce website. But businesses are always suggested to enable their visitors to checkout as guests when buying any product from the online store. It will help them to enjoy hassle-free shopping.

The Search Functionality of the Online Store

In a recent study, it has been found that 30% of overall eCommerce visitors find their product in the search console. So, developers are always suggested to build a high functioning search bar on their website. It will not only help their potential customers to find the product they need in a hassle-free way but in addition, they also will be able to generate more leads in a convenient way.

Improve the Security Measures

Whenever it comes to an eCommerce business, owners must pay special attention to increase the security of their website. It will help them to create trust and generate more leads. It is always advisable to buy and install SSL certificate to encrypt the information that both site owners and visitors want to remain secure.

So, these are the 5 things that businesses need to consider when developing an eCommerce website.

Things to Keep in Mind When Developing an eCommerce Website

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