With about one billion smartphones purchased and almost 180 billion applications downloaded every year, we can fairly conclude that mobile development, an exceptionally innovative sector, is continuously proliferating and that too at a considerable speed. It is dominated by several kinds of apps found in the Google Play Store such as Maps, Gmail, and Search, social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and games such as Temple Run, Angry Birds, Subway Surfer, etc. Well-established brands namely Walmart, Amazon, Bank of America rely upon mobile applications for effectually improving customer engagement and experience. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are also following the same trend.

In this write-up, I have chalked down seven trends of mobile application development that are relevant in the present year and would remain so even in the future. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

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  • According to the providers offering services of custom mobile app development in India, wearable devices have managed to acquire widespread recognition all across the globe. Owing to exceptional inventions like Apple’s Watch and Microsoft Hololens, we have been able to perceive not only a phenomenal alteration in computing but also a remarkable transition from ‘basic’ to ‘smart’. The wide range of wearable gadgets like smart jewelry, display devices, on-body medical sensors, etc. have provided some incredible opportunities to vendors, designers, developers, as well as accessory makers.


  • Latest research has clearly manifested that by the year 2020, at least 26 billion connected devices would be present in the world. A few prominent examples include domestic appliances, LED bulbs, sports equipment, well-regulated power sockets, and healthcare paraphernalia. All the specified objects being a part of IoT or Internet of Things will be effectually controlled by cellphones or tablets.


    Renowned organizations like Microsoft and software vendors such as SAP have recently started offering IoT solutions. Google has introduced two distinct projects- Nest that manufactures different kinds of home automation items (camera, thermostat, smoke alarm, etc.) and Brillo that supports Bluetooth, Wifi, and other aspects of Android. Apple launched a few products so that individuals could have an electronic and wireless control overall their home appliances. Amazon Echo is another amazing innovation that answers to all your queries, plays music on request, and controls the different kinds of smart devices.


  • Top-notch providers of application development services in India have stated that contemporary consumers would embrace m-commerce or the process of making payments through mobile applications very soon. Owing to the popularity of Google Wallet and Apple Pay, one does not carry debit or credit cards while going for shopping. Now developers are moving on to fabricate wearable that could effectually process payments and build customer loyalty.


  • All the modern-day mobile phones are integrated with high quality sensors, which make use of varied positioning tactics and allow one to know about anyone’s location with a few definite meters. Motion sensing applications are noted for being exceptionally personalized and used for offering security against thefts, saving power, and in multiple virtual reality games.


  • Proper display of data as well as content on your mobile device is important for it can contribute to user experience (UX). Well-known companies like Instagram, Wunderlist, Pinterest, and Houzz develop diverse patterns that effectually depict interactive interfaces and intuitive designs. Designers are also creating plenty of applications that can easily handle challenges like interruptions or partial attention. Well, new features must be continually incorporated in the apps for meeting the requirements and expectations of modern-day users.


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  • According to the highly proficient professionals carrying out mobile application development in India, the non-deterministic nature of networks and diverse gadgets available are two most crucial aspects upon which the performance of mobile apps depend. The different kind of monitoring tools and metrics used for the purpose are together known as APM or Application Performance Management. It enhances the visibility quotient of apps, delivers proper statistics regarding the types of devices and operating systems adopted, and observes the behavioral patterns of user to gauge which apps are appreciated in the market. APM needs to be improved as the enterprises in today’s era need powerful tools that can effectually examine resources, correlate data as per user insights, and align performance with different procedures of a business.


  • EMM or Enterprise Mobile Management could be loosely defined as a set of processes, people, and technology that makes use of mobile computing so that all business operations can be conducted seamlessly. Some of the chief dimensions of EMM are financial management, security, mobile device management, containerization, and application management along with synchronizing as well as sharing files. EMM actually represents the future progression and convergence of several mobile technologies.

Mobile applications have become an extremely important part of the ever-expanding digital ecosystem. The competence needed for fabricating and implementing various kinds of consumer apps are continually increasing on demand and hence businesses must take mobility seriously. The organizations must look out for the trends specified above so that their mobile application development strategies could be aligned and used for generating beneficial outcomes.

Seven Vital Trends Determining the Future of Mobile App Development

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