If truth be told, then we do the designing job because we feel a deep passion for it and we love to build new things. We like to gathering information, finding foundations and end up with creating something beautiful. In order to create an innovative work, we need to focus on different tools like text editors, bricks and most importantly JavaScript frameworks.

Every designer has to choose a starting point even if they decide to start from a lean position which is just a link in the center of a huge chain. After all, it is important to understand the fact that all the web frameworks are built on DOM and JavaScript. This is a part of web browser that uses the concept of machine languages like OpenGL and C++.

So here comes the most important question, are you using the right foundation? Do you know what it is doing for you? What are you sacrificing and what are you getting by using it?

Open Your Eyes:

The world of web is subject to change and it changes very fast. Smart devices, computers, and browsers are improving all the time. Every week, we see the launch of a new framework, CSS selector, and task runner. Every web designing firm is trying to find the right way of writing codes, and suggesting new structures or paradigms to do so.

Whenever we look at a greatest and largest framework to the next, it seems like we are just shuffling with pieces of the same puzzle. We are not moving forward but trying to solve the same problem.

Till today, React is a revolutionary declarative, flexible and efficient JavaScript library because it launches stuff in a clean way. Due to the fanaticism that it has been made, sometimes make us feel like most of the web developers have never given another language a chance except JavaScript.

But before we choose a new web development language it is important for us to trust ourselves over praising the codes written by others. Every framework that has been built in the history of the web must have a goal. But at a certain level, these goals may or may not match with the requirement of your project. It is a developer’s job to find out the disadvantages of a language. However, when it comes to framework there is no such thing as perfect as them. After all, it is the developer who will apply the strategies and concepts on the framework.

No matter how the style or the structure of the framework looks, it is you who will organize the code, and make it readable. Any framework in this world cannot do it for you.

Choosing the Right Technology:

Have you ever given it a thought why you are choosing a specific framework, language or technology before starting a new project? Is it because you are fluent in that particular language?

Let us take an example of the mobile camera app. It would be easier to build on Cordova just because you are handy in JavaScript. The same thing is also applicable on gaming app or in the case of any other mobile application. See the point is clear here, there are many solutions depending on your goal. Sometimes, you might need to use three.js or some time a 2D canvas will help you to achieve what you want. Do not be limited by the something where you are comfortable at or by the thing you know.

Whenever you want to try something new ask your client to add an extra week to the project. It will help you to research and understand better a new thing.

Have Courage:

If you look at the most popular user interface libraries or framework, you will come to understand that all of the frameworks have the below thing in common:

  1. Command a life cycle
  2. Offer libraries to conduct usual tasks
  3. Give your hook the ability to destroy or initialize resources or components

Or sometimes:

  1. Attempt to apply a design pattern
  2. Reveal a render loop

In the below section you will find the similarities of bootstrapping in all the languages and frameworks

This is React:

This is native Android:

This is native iOS:

This is Open Frameworks:

And this is Unity:

So here you came to know that the general concept of all the frameworks is same. And the rest depends on what you have been doing in your professional life. You have already managed models, animations, remote calls, views and more. You must try something new now. The best opportunity to try something new is on your personal project. In the below section you will come to know about some of the most popular libraries or frameworks that will help you to pick one:

  • React – JavaScript based UI library
  • Cinder – This is a C++ library for programming
  • Cocos2D – This is a C++ open source for 2D game engine
  • Unity – C# based 3D game engine
  • GDX – Java based game development framework
  • Pixi – 2D WebGl library
  • js – 3D WebGl library
  • Corona – Lua based development platform for apps and games

It will help you to understand how should you react to a new problem and will also make you smarter. Go ahead and build something magnificent. Above all, do what you love.

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