It is seen that companies spend about $92 out of $100 for bringing the customers to the website, but they spend about $2 for converting them. Seems inadequate, doesn’t it?

The landing page experience is considered as one of the under-optimized sections of search engine marketing. As it does not fit in the budget, it is difficult to find out the proper resources. The average scale search marketer does not have the proper skills to design the PPC campaign and make the landing page. Various powerful development tools as like the Unbounce and the Instapage are present for doing the heavy lifting or push up. But if you do not have the right starting point, you cannot be able to achieve success. Keeping in mind all the aspects, here are 6 tips for optimizing the PPC landing pages.

  1. Focusing On The Speed

As per Google, 55% of all the mobile users abandon the web pages that take more than 3 seconds to load. The data that can load in 3 seconds, varies. The users get different experience as per on the device, connection speed, weather and even the astrological sign. The correlation between the speed and the quality score is directional.

PPC Landing Page

  1. Mobile-Friendly Design

A question for you! How many of you test the landing pages on the fast connection working off a powerful laptop or the 32-inch monitors? Now, check the statistics in Google Ads or Analytics. How do the majority of the users access your website? You must design and test your landing pages depending upon how your users seeing them. The factors that reflect the results include the eye-catching heroic image, the precise value proportions, and the shiny trust signals and so on. If you want to benefit your website users, you must require to test as like your users.

  1. Optimize the Customers, Not the Conversions

Yes, you have read right. You should not optimize the conversion rate. Optimizing the front end conversion rate is quite dangerous. You will cut the landing page form fields to about only asking the name, phone number and the email address. By this, the conversion rate doubles up. This means that you beat the CPA goals.

  1. Be the Minimalist

Choose the perspective of becoming minimalist. Cut all the things from the landing pages that do not attract the users. But, it does not mean to reduce the overall content from the landing page or nor it means to cut off the landing page or below the fold. The best landing pages allow the users to flow from search to the ad to the business lastly. The exit intent or the email capture pop-ups have the place in the marketing field but not on the landing page. Keep the pixels into the limit as it is required. This will further help in-

  • Boosting up the foster speed
  • Ensures there are not any rogue takeovers or broken images
  • Prevents the privacy mishaps
  1. Personalize With Right Purpose

Personalization is an important topic in the field of privacy. Some audience-based content adjustments can take your experience to a higher level. Fix the landing page by adjusting the hero image depending upon the user location. If you are working for the meal delivery or the restaurant, I will like to add different food for the male and female visitors. You must know that localization is definitely a powerful weapon and you must use it carefully.

  1. Test the Little Things

Do not ignore the little things on the landing page.

  • Make use of the Metadata and title tags– Though they will not take the quality score from zero to hero, but will not hurt you too.
  • Test the fields, form styles and the button color– these small changes can make a big impact on their own. But, improvement of the customer flow will benefit the landing page performance.
  • Play with the content style and length– do not feel shy about taking the users below the margin. They will be navigating there if you have done a good job.
  • Make use of different taglines and features– make sure you are using the landing page highlights the answers to the user’s questions and provide a smooth flow to the next stage.
  • Ensure the landing pages have some escape hatch– it is the way the users navigate off the landing page. Search engines do not punish for the bounce rate. But, it usually punishes when you lock the user on one particular page.

Do not forget about the big things that seem to be very small. Your landing page should require the legible and findable privacy policy. It is true that happy users generally make happy search engines and happy search engines make good quality scores. If you want to enhance your brand’s identity, you must go through these 6 tips to enhance the landing page experience.

Improving Your PPC Landing Page Experience & Quality Score- 6 Tips To Follow

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