Your page may rank higher for a high-conversion keyword, but still, you can experience consequences like higher bounce rate, low click through rates, etc. As a result, it will become difficult for you to achieve your conversion goals online. In this post, we will discuss about some object-oriented tips that will help you to create an effective landing page and enable you to put everything in place.

Effective Landing Page
Keyword Optimization

You have to optimize your landing page for your target keyword in the best way possible. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Title Tag: Google still looks at title tags for its search listing. By following the below tips, you will be able to craft a great title:

  • Keep it under 60 characters
  • Use the target keywords wisely
  • Use the brand name in the title

2. Meta Description: The meta description of your site gives your visitors more details about your business. It directly influences the CTR.

  • Keep it about 150 – 160 characters
  • Avoid duplicate descriptions

3. Header Tags: You should also consider optimizing the header tags (H1-H6) of your landing page. Here are some tips for effective header tags optimization:

  • Use headings in a hierarchal order
  • Create your headings stand out

Keyword Optimization
4. Content:
When optimizing your web page you have to understand the fact that content still rules. Due to this reason you have to pay special attention to its optimization. Here are some tips that you need to follow to optimize your web content:

  • Use keywords in the first 100-150 words
  • Use every different related keyword in the content
  • Consider the length of your content

5. Internal Search: If you have more than 20 pages on your website then you should also consider adding a search box on the site.

6. Open Graph: By using open graph tags you will be able to create snippets out of your links when people will share your content on social media.

Visual Optimization

In this section, we will focus on those elements that will make your page more attractive to your users.

7. Schema Markup: This is a number of special vocabularies that you can use to mark your pages. As a result, your snippet will look amazing in SERPs.

Visual Optimization

8. Multimedia: You should also consider using infographics, diagrams, images and video tutorials to create your content more engaging.

9. Social Share Buttons: A wise placement of social share buttons will make your pages easier to share.

Technical Optimization

Check out here those technical factors that can boost your SEO performance.

10. Mobile Friendliness: These days, people mainly use their smartphone for accessing the internet. Due to this reason you have to ensure that your site is mobile friendly. Many companies offer web design services. You can hire one of them to design your website. But before making your final decision, you have to ensure that they have the ability to design mobile friendly responsive website.

11. Page Speed: You should also focus on speeding up your site for both desktop and mobile devices.

Linking Optimization

Links can influence your ranking. So, in this section we will discuss about link optimization:

12. Backlinks: Build high-quality backlinks for your target page.

13. Outbound Links: This type of links helps search engine to determine the topic of your page.

14. Internal Links: You should also focus on inter linking to improve the ranking of your target page.

So, this is all for now. By following these tips, you will be able to create an effective landing page.

How to Create an Effective Landing Page – Complete SEO Checklist

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