Being an owner of the website, getting higher rankings in the search engine is one of the ultimate aims as it dictates the success of the brand. Appearing on the top of the Google search result is the dream of any given entrepreneur looking to have a concrete presence over the online market. And in this context, building backlinks for a website get extremely important. Digital marketers are always keen on creating quality links and not any general links to ensure top-notch ranking in the search results.

Webmaster Guidelines

Irrespective of the web design or authority of the site, quality backlinks are always taken as a vote of confidence for Google and even for other search engines. This is why most of the webmasters, as well as many website owners, have developed different ways of obtaining quality links. Some of them result in shady practices while other tries to remain on the right side of things.

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In a recent statement issued by Google’s John Mueller in Google Webmaster Help thread, he opines that creating top-rated backlinks can hurt the site. While he was responding to one of the questions asked on the platform and replied – “making quality links is against the Google Webmaster guidelines.

He stated –

If *you’re* making quality links to your site, then that would be considered against our webmaster guidelines, and by that, those links would definitely not be considered “quality”.

John took the opportunity to explain and reveal further that Google always seeks natural links but not the ones that you go out specifically and “make”. So, in case you are making such links then as per the definition, they will never be considered as a natural one and will be against the guidelines of Google. The link building guidelines of Google have evolved over the years, and the search engine giant is extremely strict in deciding which link is natural and which is not.

So, all the online digital marketers out there in the middle, high time to get careful with the way you create back-links. Of course, most of the people did not find the statement convenient enough and some even questioned about explaining what “natural links” are according to Google. Google has always known for such declarations because the game of online is never that easy.

Google Asserts Having Quality Links is Against Webmaster Guidelines
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