As discussed earlier also, Google’s Mobile Indexing will be in action from next month onwards (March). Google’s Gary Illyes have confirmed the news while she took the stage at Pubcon in Austin, Texas. The first declaration came in last summer from John Mueller when Google informed that Mobile Indexing would start working by the beginning of 2018. And as per the planning, Google is all set to move a number a significant number of websites to indexing list for offering excellent user experience to the users.

Know More about the Shift

It remains no doubt total quantity of searches made on mobile are more as compared to desktop searches. Thus, Google has prearranged to transfer the overall importance of mobile over the desktop. Since the declaration about the news of Mobile First Indexing, several articles related to the topic has been are launched in the cyberspace.

Initially, Google planned to all the sites to the migrated to the mobile first index by the early of 2018, but considering the pace of work it seems that goal is difficult to fulfill. However, Google haven’t confirmed that by when the relocation to the mobile-first index will complete.

But still considering the keynote of Illyes’ at Pubcon, sources have revealed that the new index job will never get fully rolled out for all the websites.

The Shift in Process

As of now, only handful numbers of sites are moved to the mobile-first indexing and they are not at all predictable to have an impact on overall flow of traffic.

To make things easier, the owners of the site can check out the particulars in the server logs in the respective search console. In this way they will be allowed to check whether the website has been stimulated to mobile-first indexing or not. If the owners find that the Googlebot mobile is doing the maximum crawling, chances are high that a site is on the index list.

Checking the serve blog through manual mode is the solitary technique presently and it will let the site owners know whether the sites have been transferred to the index or not. There is no notification given by Goggle to the webmasters for the migration. In case the site is ready for mobile-first index, chances are high that Google will choose them in the forthcoming weeks.

Google All Set to Move Sites to Mobile First Indexing from March
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