Undoubtedly, Ad Extensions have been one of the best features of Google Ads. But having a significant amount of idea for when, why and where to use them is a completely different story. With an assortment of options available, it has become even more critical than ever before to make use of them very carefully. As they play a major role in the overall quality score, misusing the same might result in negative or bad CTRs.

According to latest revelations from leading source Search Engine Journal, all the calls from Google Ads location extensions from now onwards will be considered as conversions. The requisite for this requires enabling of the account-level call reporting.

The announcement has come directly from the search engine giant Google, and they have also made it clear that the change would be available to advertisers of this week.

The actual behind this idea is that the calls will reckon as a conversion after 60 seconds and it will be on a default basis.

The search engine giant with maximum market share also suggested that evaluating calls over a certain length would be extremely helpful. This would also be an indication of having high-quality interactions with targeted users or clients.

But there’s a trick! Users have the choice to alter the default setting to any given length in terms of allotted time. They are free to make changes as per their business requirements.

So, considering the thought theoretically and on papers, the search engine would consider conversion as soon as the call gets answered by altering the default value to one second.

Along with the change made by Google for conversion reporting, Google Ads is also further encompassing message and call reporting to different places.

The provision of call and message reporting has also been added to the primary extensions tab in the Google Ads. This would help clients to have a look at how extensions at the individual level are driving results through phone calls as well as messages.

With the help of this tab, users would get to review a wide range of new metrics like chat rate and phone through rate (PTR).

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Google is usually popular for making abrupt changes in the industry, and this is one of them. Good or bad, the results will come later, but as of now, the trend suggests to go with the flow.

Google Ads Count Calls from Locations Extensions as Conversions from Now

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