Ecommerce is a groundbreaking venture which nearly everybody is investing in nowadays. However, if a portal is not optimized as per clientele requirements and expectations, it would fail quite quickly. Business owners can read articles on how exactly to improve revenues or rely upon an efficient framework, which promise optimal performance besides escalating confidence largely.

Choosing an ecommerce platform might seem easy but in actuality is incredibly challenging and time-consuming. Apart from comparing prices with utmost caution, a business owner must also try looking out for certain other essential aspects such as search engine friendly nature, responsiveness, security, expandability, integrations, overall customer service, etc. Well, in following write-up, I have jotted down names of few options trending at present. Please check them out right away.

eCommerce Development in India

  1. Shopify

Shopify is an optimal ecommerce platform, which help businesses regardless of their domain and dimension. You will get a domain name for free, design logo on your own, sell products, as well as maintain powerful customer relationships. It offers a fourteen day trial after which you can choose any other platform or stick to it. Now isn’t that absolutely great? Some features include:

  • Approximately 100 themes
  • Plenty templates for sending emails and various official documents
  • Easy promotion and refunds
  • SSL certificate without any charge
  • Simple hosting
  • Analytics
  • Advertising and branding


  1. NopCommerce

When competitors are perceived to remain neck to neck in ecommerce sector, NopCommerce has taken cake away under all circumstances. Second most downloaded solution in this whole world, it provides personalized carts, administration portals, catalog management strategies, and many more, which are necessary for closely monitoring a business. It boasts of a durable architecture and various viable add-ons. NopCommerce is open source, which means even if you numerous problems, you would always be assisted by a support community. It also adapts to any screen size, be of desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Some features include:

  • Tax friendly
  • Payment getaways
  • Digital marketing
  • Systematic checkout
  • Free plans


  1. BigCommerce

Capable of generating excellent user experience, scalability, and comprehensiveness are three distinct features used to describe BigCommerce. Powering approximately 55,000 companies beyond geographical boundaries, it must never come as a surprise that most entrepreneurs would try picking this particular platform. Owing to presenting all products in a compelling manner, you simply cannot avoid associated incentives. A BigCommerce development agency would seamlessly take care of your warehouse issues, conduct an in-depth evaluation for bringing beneficial changes, and provide insights to increase ROI. Some worth-mentioning features include:

  • Digital marketing
  • Safe carts
  • Mobile stores
  • Detailed catalog
  • Metrics
  • Imaging
  • Shipping


  1. Magento

According to latest research, about thirteen percent shopping websites are built on Magento probably because it treasures a large number of extensions and plugins, thus, enable you to add features without any hassle. Scalability is perhaps its most exceptional benefit. No matter if you are working on 1 project or 10000 projects, no matter if you own a small firm with handful employees or a colossal organization, Magento always helps. Some features include:

  • Website management
  • Easy checkout, payment, and shipping
  • Analytics
  • Order management
  • Customer accounts
  • Catalog browsing

All ecommerce platforms stated above have impressed larger segments of population until now, and would continue doing so even in future. Prior to arriving at a decision, make sure to take business objectives into account. Many entrepreneurs in past have selected randomly, and unfortunately wasted their hard-earned money in process.

Everything You Need to Know about Four Major Ecommerce Platforms

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