In today’s digital landscape, every entrepreneur needs a proper marketing plan to sell their service or product online. Especially when it comes to selling products, they must need an eCommerce website to get exposure in the internet-driven consumer marketplace.

Well, it may sound intimidating and scary to someone who is technically challenged. It is also hard for an amateur tech savvy to design, develop and launch a website. When it comes to building a functional website like eCommerce, the situation gets even more challenging. Unlike static websites, it allows customers to accesses the website fully and buys products from the store. Continue reading to know all the guidelines of building and launching a successful eCommerce website.

Choosing the Platform

The first step of building an online store is choosing the right platform for it. These platforms are also known as content management system or CMS. It can be considered as an engine that allows owners or website admin to run it effectively. Some of the most popular CMS of our time is WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. If you are new to designing and development realm then WordPress might be your easiest solution. With its streamlined interface and excellent community support, WordPress is the best CMS for all. In addition, owners also get the chance to choose the best theme out thousands of unique designs and get free access to many useful plugins.

Choosing an eCommerece Platform

Owners must also consider Drupal or Joomla, as these two CMSs are very handy and useful. When it comes to building an eCommerce website, owners can also choose Magento. This is the leading CMS for open commerce innovation. Owners can also access some of the DIY template solutions like Wix, Squarespace etc. Owners get the chance to customize these websites as they want. However, entrepreneurs have to pay some price on a monthly basis for running their online store, and they might also have to lose some controls of their website.  So, the best solution for them is hiring an eCommerce Web Design Company in India or from other countries in the world for building their website on any preferable CMS.

Selecting Hosting

Choosing the right hosting service provider is very crucial and most of the owners get confused at this point of eCommerce web development. Web Hosts are the companies that connect websites to the internet. Owners can choose any platforms, any developer for building their website but without a host service provider websites cannot go live. There are many companies that offer web hosting service. Before finalizing your decision, make sure the company has specialization in eCommerce website and suitable with the platform you have chosen for powering your website.

Hosting Provider

Naming Your Website

After choosing the right hosting provider, now owners have to choose the name of their website. Well, this is a very crucial stage and owners should not take this in rush. In online business, the domain of a website also reflects its brand name. So choosing the wrong name can also affect the success of your business. Here are some key points that owners should keep in mind while choosing their domain name:

  1. Make sure the domain name is easy to spell and easy to remember. A complex site name can prevent your potential customer from searching and finding your website.
  2. The domain name of a website must focus on its niche. The rule is same for eCommerce website also. It will not only help your customers to understand what your site is about but it will also support your search engine optimization effort.
  3. The name of your website should be unique and memorable. It will help customers to remember your website in future.

Naming Website

Finding a Theme

If you choose a CMS for powering your website then you can can also choose a good looking theme associated with the specific CMS. WordPress offers a wide range of eCommerce themes. So if you have decided to build your website on WordPress then now it is time for you to search WordPress themes. If you have selected some other CMS then you have to choose a theme for that particular content management system. In WordPress, you can find plenty of themes but premium themes are worth checking. They are not only good looking but it also offers richer functionality and customization features.

eCommerece Theme

Draw the Sitemap of Your Website

It is important to draw the outline of a website on a page before starting its designing part. It will not only help your designer to understand his job but also help you to stick with your budget. The outline of the website includes everything from structuring the design, credibility, and navigation.

Draw Sitemap

Starting the Design

After all the essential steps now finally the time has come to design the website. If you have followed all the steps mentioned above then this part will be not much stressful and time-consuming. Online shoppers mainly consider accessing those sites that are easy to navigate and simple & clean looking.

Starting Design

Preparation for the Success

It takes patience, hard work, basic knowledge of internet and the willingness to learn new techniques. It is not as hard or as challenging if you hire the best company that offers eCommerce website design in India, as well as in the other countries in the world. If you take the complete process step by step and avoid to look so far ahead then you will definitely end up developing a profitable and effective eCommerce website.building an eCommerce website

eCommerce Blueprint – Guide to Build and Launch Your Online Store

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