Android users could rejoice because the private ‘Firefox Focus’ browser of Mozilla, which was initially available only on the iOS platform has recently made its way to the play store of Google. Unlike the other mobile application development services, this app (4MB) could be downloaded easily and will not occupy much space in your cell phone.

There are a series of reasons for which ‘Firefox Focus’ is preferred over all its alternatives. For example, it obstructs all the online trackers allowing an individual to conduct activities on the web confidentially. After usage, the entire history including passwords and cookies would be removed permanently, thus, any sort of detection is absolutely impossible. The browser also blocks the database through which ads (trailing one’s online activity) is displayed. Eliminating unnecessary advertisements and followers would allow all websites to load much faster. The best thing is that a user would be able to view the number of trackers, who are blocked, just by tapping on the settings button. Thus, we can fairly conclude that ‘Firefox Focus’ brought a whole new dimension and changed the perspective of any conventional Android mobile app development company.

Users do not need to go through complicated procedures for starting this app. It is soon after you have downloaded and launched that this browser would automatically block the trackers. The rapid, as well as private nature of this browser, allowed it to garner immense popularity among a larger segment of the population.

The entire app is designed and developed in such a way that the users get an exceptional opportunity of blocking even the content trackers. However, doing so might create problems in the functioning of certain web pages and videos. The browser is also integrated with an outstanding feature known as Stealth Mode. This has to be turned off if a user wishes to see his browser in the list of ‘recently used apps’ or take screenshots.  Although provides an excellent user experience, the browser does not allow one to open multiple tabs.

‘Firefox Focus’ is an user-friendly application readily available and that too without any charge. It is currently found on  Google’s play store and thus, both Chromebook and Android users would be benefited.

Download ‘Firefox Focus’ from Play Store and Browse in Private
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