Creating a mobile site has been really important for businesses irrespective of its niche, category, size and type. But still, entrepreneurs find it really difficult in deciding whether they should invest or not in designing a mobile website. Continue reading to know the importance of having a mobile site and how it is different than a mobile app. But before that, let us discuss the definition of mobile websites.

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What Is Mobile Website

Mobile sites are ideally crafted for mobile users. They are compatible for viewing on any mobile device let that be a tablet or phone. Smartphones are much smaller in size than desktops and laptops. Due to this reason, many businesses opt for designing a dedicated mobile version of their main site. It helps them to target more mobile customers. There are some companies that offer services like mobile website design in India, as well as in the other counties in the world. You can hire one of them to build a mobile website for your business.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Website

Entrepreneurs that decide to give their business a dedicated mobile presence also get the opportunity to access its variety of features. Mobile websites offer the following benefits:

  1. Improved user experience for the mobile user
  2. Improved performance in terms of SEO
  3. Faster load speed
  4. More flexible than apps
  5. Integration with offline media
  6. Better engagement for mobile users
  7. Cost-efficient than apps
  8. Portability and connectivity
  9. Competitive advantage
  10. Inevitability
  11. Opportunity to target more mobile users

How a Mobile Website Is Different than a Mobile App

Both mobile sites and apps are comfortably accessible via mobile devices. However, users will need a browser-based environment to open a mobile website. Once the site is opened in a browser, in the next stage users can access all of its features such as watching photos and videos, reading content, using CTA button etc.

On the other hand, users have to download the mobile app from a reputed app store. You can also use a browser to download the apk file of the app (it is not recommended though). Once the app is downloaded and installed, users can directly use it without using any web browser. Both online and offline apps are available in the app market. To access an offline app, users do not even need internet connection.


In this age of digitalization, the uses of smartphones and other mobile devices have become really important. Now, if you want to target more potential customers (that are also mobile users) then you will definitely need a mobile website. You can hire a company that offers services like mobile website design in India, as well as in the other countries in the world in order to give your website a mobile version.

Do Entrepreneurs Need a Mobile Site for Their Business?

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