A few years ago, designers were not allowed to use the word ‘template’, especially while talking to clients. It was a well-established fact that websites bearing resemblance to templates would be instantly rejected. Due to this, a large number of professionals involved in digital marketing during that time, went through acute identity crisis. They believed that all sites must be custom because consumers do not want anything else. Well, the said notion is considered completely wrong at present.

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In the following write-up, I have jotted down nine definite reasons to prove that custom web design would be dead very soon. Readers are requested to take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.


  • Custom websites are created as per the requirements and expectations of a customer thus the designers are not provided with enough creative liberty. Almost all clients turn out to be excessively controlling in nature, forcing incorporations of nearly impossible features. In such a case, disastrous outcomes are generated because it is only through profound knowledge, utmost competence, adequate experience, and acute professionalism that engaging and functional sites could be created.


  • Designers need to explain that a website is not built for the concerned customer but for the varied kinds of users out there. And to be honest, users do not really care for customization but they generally pay visit to a site for procuring relevant information on a specific subject matter. According to a comprehensive survey conducted in the year 2011, a larger segment of the contemporary consumers preferred websites with readable and practical content than the ones having an appealing layout.


  • Researchers have proved that function stands more important than form. Consumers might get temporarily attracted by the outlook of a website but they would only make purchases or consider visiting once again if the content within is strong and standard enough to captivate as well as retain their attention. Thus, all the entrepreneurs out there are asked to invest their hard-earned money on an exceptional content strategy instead of custom designs.


  • In the earlier times, templates or themes were not opted for and customization was the only viable way available. However, top-notch web designers nowadays revolutionized the ever-expanding digital landscape by fabricating diverse types of themes, showcasing all of them on one platform, and selling them at an affordable price. As ready made website forms are easily accessible, business owners get enough time to focus upon high quality content. Wondering how themes are beneficial? Go through the stated reasons:


  1. Almost all the themes are highly serviceable.
  2. They stand to be responsive in nature.
  3. They do not need to be coded separately.
  4. These themes are developed on open-source CMS platforms and hence could be easily altered (if required).
  5. Provides plenty of support updates.
  6. They are often found at lower rates.


  • Customers buying web design services are no different from the traditional consumers. They do like to purchase things that appeal them visually. The themes and templates on sale show an individual what his website would look like beforehand and this particular feature is considered to be extremely advantageous. However, the concerned clients have to use imagination and picture their company’s colors, logo, content, and other necessary components on the already prepared structure.

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  • The loss of probable profits because of choosing one alternate over other is called opportunity cost. In other words, if you work on one project for a long period, you are missing the chance to earn money from other ventures. For instance, team A is involved with custom designing and can build a website in 60 days for $15000. On the other hand, team B has some ready made themes and they can develop as well as launch five of them in 60 days for $7000 each. Well, at the end of the stipulated time period, team B would have worked with more clients and earned more revenues than team A.


  • While every business owner wants a good website, no one likes to break the bank for the purpose. Anything that could be customized stands to be extremely price. Prepared website themes are considered much feasible because opting for them would eliminate many complicated tasks such as wire framing, integration of responsive components, HTML coding, SEO incorporation, etc. and hence effectually alleviate the costs.


  • Working with a smart approach is required in the present days. Opting for website themes over custom designs would not only contribute to competitive pricing but also increase the profit margins. When it comes to building customizable sites, a designer and his team has to work extremely hard but they do not get the revenue accordingly.


  • There are a large number of DIY platforms on the internet that make consumers believe that they could build their own website without professional assistance. Well, this is entirely misleading. While you can surely learn the basics of designing and development, constructing an alluring and functional site calls for years of experience and extreme proficiency.


Although the above reasons do prove the ineffectiveness of custom design, this strategy is still preferred for a few facets. Top-notch corporations like Facebook, Bing, Amazon, etc. would most certainly not opt for ready made themes because they wish to provide consumers with something absolutely exclusive. So, the pointers that I have stated until now apply to the small and medium-sized organizations that are accountable for about 85% of the business all across the globe.

Custom Design will be Obsolete: Nine Reasons to Substantiate

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