Although it was a matter of speculation for several years, the ‘core algorithm update’ of Google has finally launched on 7th March 2018. Lately, John Mueller, Google’s webmaster trends specialist has announced that the said notion was specifically innovated to enhance the relevance of content and not for targeting the various poor quality sites.

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Many renowned providers of travel portal development services and affordable mobile website design were very much confused. However, all of their doubts were cleared when Mueller said on April 6th 2018 that each update of Google was fabricated to make diverse kinds of content posted all over the Internet more suited to the needs and expectations of modern-day consumers.

That being said, even an affordable custom web site full of engaging content would lose its significance over time or may not be able to answer specific queries. Well, the only way of resolving such issues would be by making alterations as per the feedbacks of users.

To procure more information on this, readers can click on the link- YouTube . It is a video showing John Mueller explaining the actual purpose of Google’s ‘core algorithm update’


Although many professionals were not unable to comprehend the update of 7th March by Google in the beginning, it is gaining recognition slowly yet steadily due to the following benefits:

• Starting from providers of mobile website design in India to specialists working in custom eCommerce development companies of the world, everyone has admitted that the concerned update can make content even more alluring so that it could gain top ranks on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

• Unlike many other updates of Google, this one does not penalize sites for having low standard content. However, if you noticed a decrease in your website ranking, chances are that your competitors procured the edge for success.

• Rather than suppressing the sites of inferior quality, this core algorithm update of Google tries to provide them with the necessary boost so that it could improve in the future. Such a feature has allowed it to garner immense popularity among the diverse digital marketers and professionals of responsive website design companies in India especially.

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Now all the entrepreneurs out there, who have lost traffic and sales due to Google’s ‘core algorithm update’ must conduct a thorough research and post better content from the next time. They should also not give up on their approaches, procure good backlinks, and get rid of issues associated with user experience (UX).

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