Design thinking methodology is being put into practice in order to find a solution to complex problems. The solution is drawn upon imagination, logic, intuition and systematic reasoning. This method is believed to be instrumental in exploring the possibilities and develop the desired outcome helpful for the end users. It stems from the notion that design problems can be resolved by practicing human-centered design, considering people as the axis of the solving process. The focus is around accomplishing the overall goal instead of resolving a certain problem. While it is proven effective in finding solution for some of the most complex problems, it can be also employed in the web industry to put an end to design issues.

It’s the action of introducing something new and materializing the desired into existence and resolving the tricky situation by design.

How Does Design Thinking Approach help in Online Marketing?
Let us assume that you are asked to increase web traffic of your company by 50% at the end of the current month. Now, it’s up to you, whether you would adhere to the traditional way of resolving the issue like increasing the advertising expenditures, running a social campaign or solely concentrate on the particular methods that are designed only for traffic building. The design thinking approach to this particular issue is to ask ‘why’ – why it’s necessary to increase the web traffic? What is the company expecting to achieve by increasing the web traffic? If you have the answer to that, you can make a better decision about your working approach in this case.

Possibly the 50% increase in the traffic is anticipated to yield a boost in the leads, well instead of embarking the costly process of paid advertising abruptly, probably a better approach is to enhance the conversion rate of the existing traffic. Design thinking puts forward a structured framework for comprehending and pursuing innovation in a way that fuels the organic growth. It entails observation in order to explore the unmet requirements within the context and limitations for a certain situation, identify the rooms of innovation, spawn creative ideas, put it to the test and refine the solutions.

Although running a data-driven SEO campaign has no drawback but it’s needless to mention design thinking methods open new doors of opportunities that may otherwise remain unexplored. For instances, thinking about the search term that may people use but isn’t present in the keyword research tools or search terms that will be all the rage within next one year in your vertical. In order to that, it’s important to listen to the people and interact with them. This is actually a great resource of the keyword as well as new business ideas since people may frame a problem that you fail to see.

What Are the Perks of Design Thinking Method?
In the meantime, you can also focus on the real problems experienced by the customers in place of only focusing on to accomplish the business goal. You can gain a different perception of the problems and analyze whether the traditional approach addresses the main issue or it just prioritizes some other things of less importance.

The benefits of the design thinking approach are interminable, as it’s a user-centric approach you may often need to involve the users to provide better solutions they feel privileged for being a part of the project. Empathy to the projects would cause them to let off potential issues proactively and they act as the promoter and encourage friends and acquaintances to use your website or product.

Design thinking minimizes the risk associated with new venture by engaging the targeted users through a chain of prototypes- learn, test and hone the concepts. Design thinkers depend on the customer insights achieved through real-world experiments not just the accumulated data obtained from market research.

A Study on the Efficacy of Design Thinking Approach
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