According to the prediction of Art in 2015, the sphere believed that the huge explosion of data in 2016 would transform the technological landscape drastically, requiring all organizations to visualize the incoming data from the IoT devices for an insight into viability as well as competitiveness and rapid decision making. He believed that data would remain to be key area for growth in the upcoming year. Are you keen to know more about Art’s prediction for 2017? If yes, consider reading the following write-up thoroughly.

As per studies, maximum data was created in the past few years as compared to the former 5000 years. It was said that more data will be created in the year 2017. The kind of data created is rapidly expanding across wide-ranging industries starting from healthcare to automotive. However, in the recent research, it has been explored that amount of data that are being used for the purpose of operational decision making is simply less than 0.5%. In order to surpass the competitors, the organizations need to leverage the web application management platforms, capable enough to consume huge amounts of data as well as present the data in the manner that enables them to make the best decisions.


  • Desktop Is Here To Stay

The majority predicted that desktop would become obsolete within a few years. However, it is for you to know that desktop will continue ruling for another 30 years or more. Though the tablets and mobiles are among the most coveted these days, there are still some people who don’t prefer analyzing the data on the small screen. According to a recent research, it has been found that majority almost 81% desktop applications are properly maintained for 3 years or more as compared to 55 percent smartphone applications. This proves that desktop still remains to be the crucial platform for varied business applications. The organizations that are keen to shine in the web world by drawing more and more desktop or mobile users are vastly relying on PHP Web Development Services in India.


  • The Competition between Small Businesses and Enterprises Will Heat Up

The number of small software companies and startups that build applications and are more flexible, intuitive and graphics to replace the CRM, as well as SCM systems that are offered by the large enterprises, is going to increase. In order to stay competitive, the renowned software providers like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP as well as Salesforce need to be more flexible and agile in building easy-to-use business platforms as well as applications. The enterprises will adopt more open-minded views toward partnerships as well as the meaning of partnerships in the digital economy. Besides this, the companies are more likely to rely on PHP web design and development to gain a strong footing in the web world. However, to get the best outcomes, most of the businesses are hiring a company that offers top-notch services for PHP Web Development in India.


  • Software Developers Are Likely To Rule the Online World

When building and developing a great bond with the customers, the major concern that most of the executives come across includes finding highly skilled software developers. Today, people live as well as work in the sphere where you come across technological advances almost every year. Hence, the software developers wielding the web technology tools and silks which help in turning ideas into some amazing applications will drive the businesses and operations around the planet.

In accordance with the former Dimensional Research survey, almost 76% of organizations intend to enhance investment in website technologies in the year 2017. Hence, retaining and hiring quality developers are going to become even more challenging as the organizations feel that increasing pressure of delivering functional applications that would further provide long-lasting products. Are you on the lookout for a trusted PHP Web Development Company in India? If yes, some of the major factors that you need to consider in order to choose the right company among the lot include the years of experience, their reputation in the market, the services they provide as well as the rates they charge.


A Sneak Peek into the Predictions of Data Creation In 2017

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