Modern-day consumers have accepted the rise of handheld devices. Thus, in the present era of mobility, a large number of innovative digital trends are likely to emerge, effectually simplifying the routine procedures and actualizing exceptional experiences. 2017 has been quite promising until now and hence, top-notch marketers have predicted that the upcoming year of 2018 would be equally flourishing. Let us explore what we can expect ahead.


  • The notion of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) has gained extensive recognition, allowing organizations to cut down maintenance cost and offer adaptable working hours to the employees. Workforce all across the globe is known for relying largely upon smartphones and therefore an increasing number of businesses are moving on to capture all the associated benefits. Recruitment, help desk support, performance analytics, customer feedback, etc. are some of the processes that have already implemented BYOD.


  • According to a reputed PHP web development company in India, solution analysis has managed to garner incredible popularity and is used by many organizations out there. Well, digital marketers have conducted comprehensive research and have stated that Internet of Things (IoT), which was officially introduced in the year 1999, would become more impactful as well as relevant. With the process of risk management getting quite cohesive, mobility takes one step forward with wearable connected devices. Such a revolutionary technology is believed to make human lives even more comfortable.


  • As mobiles are becoming increasingly functional, responsive as well as compact applications are being fabricated so that users could get an agreeable experience. It does not matter if the focus is upon internal operations tracking or customer information analytics, apps are built so that individuals could handle things without any sort of hassle and reduce dependence on desktops and laptops. The shift to mobile is also noted for making the diverse business chores cost-effective. Applications that can streamline data analytics would be extremely beneficial for the small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • Although Cloud did attain immense popularity, it is looked down upon for not being quite secure. A large number of reputed enterprises are compelled to move towards hybrid developments but the Instant Apps introduced by Google could successfully determine the prospect of Mobility. One does not need to pay a visit to the app store and download as Instant Apps start functioning as soon as you click on them. This groundbreaking technology allows consumers to indulge in quick access and streaming.


  • According to the latest studies, about 500 million individuals are streaming videos daily and the count is expected to proliferate considerably. Facebook has stated that video views in 2017 were 8 billion and it would continue to rise in the coming days. Thus, Mobility has to provide a competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve because the total revenue collected from handheld streaming would increase by 30%. With Internet Bandwidth upsurging, we can expect to notice a phenomenal shift from texts to videos. With resourceful features such as live and embedded videos as well as improved hardware incorporating huge screens and amazing resolutions, 2018 is certainly going to be an exciting year for Smartphone enthusiast.


  • A renowned PHP web development company in India has stated that in 2018, the web world would notice an increasing demand for proficient developers. While it is certainly an incredible opportunity, well-established organizations find it challenging to meet the market anticipations and resolve the issue of talent crunch. As a result, associations are providing in-house training programmes, which would allow employees to bring up newer technologies and alleviate the attrition rate.


  • Mobile applications that can suggest clinics, institutions, cafes, restaurants or any sort of utility based upon a consumer’s current location has been widely utilized. While in 2017, such services have turned out to be extremely relevant, in the year 2018; their use would be expanded phenomenally. Consumers would certainly love the apps that would notify them about nearby places or particular commodities.


  • Organizations have made utmost use of mobility, which in turn improvised the process of decision making, enhanced communication, solved complicated issues, and sped up all their operations. Well, in such a case, security becomes one of the major concerns for which the EMM software was introduced. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is adopted by many reputed companies and it allows employees to use mobile devices as well as apps in a secured manner. Apart from maximizing the safety quotient, it also helps professionals so that they can become more productive and perform optimally. It has earned substantial credibility in the ever-expanding web world for EMM can offer protection against data leaks and illegitimate access.

So, the aforementioned pointers are some of the significant trends in respect to the development of mobile applications that would make the year of 2018 extremely exciting.

A Note on the Future of Mobile Applications Development

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