PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages that developers use for creating websites. With faster turn-around time, it also enhances affordability and the security of the website. Hence, it has become a preferred choice among developers. Many popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and Flickr are powered by PHP. Its plethora of benefits makes PHP the leading web development language for the time being. Continue reading to know about the 9 reasons that make PHP so popular among the web developers.

PHP Web Development in India

  1. Because it Boasts Simplicity:

    PHP coding is easy. It seems like writing an English essay so that commuter can read and understand it. The only exception is that developers use to create and instruct the website to run efficiently. It is cool to create code in PHP. You can hire a company that offers PHP web development services in India, as well as in the other countries in the world to power their website.

  2. Because PHP Works Exceptionally Good with CMS:

    It makes a website amoebic which allow developers to transform a site, as they want. Every PHP sites are very customizable. It also has the ability to meet the specific requirements of the clients because all the popular Content Management Systems like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla are primarily based on PHP.

  3. Because It Is Powerful, Scalable and Flexible:

    Facebook is probably the most popular website on earth which is running on PHP. They have also created a PHP derivative language which is known as “Hack”. The purpose of building this language is to meet the emerging content management needs. It shows the robustness, flexibility, and scalability of those sites that are running on PHP. Developers also do not need to reboot the server for updating PHP code.

  4. It Is Backed by a Vast Community:

    PHP is an open source and free language. This is the main reason behind the growing popularity of PHP. Worldwide PHP professional experts and developers are so much eager to support newbie developers. In addition, the huge availability of PHP developers bound any PHP web development company in India, as well in the other countries to offer development service at reasonable price.

  5. Extensions and Add-Ons:

    You have already come to know the fact that PHP is a scalable language. In addition, it is also an open source development language. Hence developers are continuously working on PHP to meet the growing requirements of businesses. The latest extensions and add-ons of PHP, allow developers to introduce more features and functionalities on their website.

  6. It Is Free:

    PHP is an open source language, hence it is free and easy to use. As a result, it allows owners to build a high-functioning cost-effective website without worrying the legal obligations or the subscription fees.

  7. It Allows Platform Diversity:

    Once you have written a code in PHP, you can also run it on any other major platforms. It allows businesses to leverage the existing infrastructure of a website, leveraging platforms as diverse as Linux, Unix or Windows. In addition, it also enables developers to interface their website with Apache and MySQL.

  8. It Has Huge Standard Library:

    It is the quality of the library, which differentiates a great programming language from a good language. The huge and standard library of PHP plays an important role of speeding and simplifying the data processing ability of PHP.

  9. Embed-ability:

    The modern trend in adaptive content has made fluid grid systems and the responsive website even more pertinent to businesses. This is why HTML5 is the industry standard for creating responsive and highly dynamic websites. PHP code can be easily embedded into the HTML. Hence, developers can convert any existing static website code into a dynamic one by simply adding their PHP code into HTML.

So these are the reasons that make PHP so popular among developers. PHP for web designing is slightly different; hence, we will discuss that in some other post. Time has come to sign off. Hope you have enjoyed reading it.

9 Reasons Why PHP Is Becoming so Popular among Web Developers

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