In the retail and the eCommerce industry, you might have a few seconds to have the qualified searcher with higher purchasing value to match up your paid search or simply adding the gloss over it. Even, the smallest details in the PPC content can create all the differences. Here are 7 important steps that can give your ecommerce or the retail PPC campaigns an extra push.

Know How the Headlines Work

Search engines like the Google or the Bing provide multiple headlines, up to 3-30 characters limit of each for using on the PPC Ad copy. Some important things you must know are-

  1. It is good to know that adding some characters can be good or bad for the ads. At times, the less is more. So, you must be quite careful while adding the characters in the Ad copy.
  2. Most of the experienced PPC marketers suggest putting the CTA or the Call of Action button in the second headline. Start in this way, but you should test before how it looks.
  3. The third headline is not necessary to be shown. This means you must be careful what texts you are putting in. If you have already used the “must have” statement or the CTA button, do not use the third headline.

The Display URL Path

Do not get confused between the Destination URL with the display URL.  The destination URL can be long and ugly, and that is okay. However, you can make the display URL quite prettier for the promotion. Moreover, you can make it quite useful and give the web searcher a little boost of confidence that they will find when they will click the ad. Both Bing and Google provide the display URL with a contrasting color so that it becomes easier for someone to locate. Use this as the way to keep yourself ahead by one step.

Check the Sitelink Extensions

Might be there is nothing new or advanced. They are one of the most basic types of ad extensions. There are various eCommerce sites either do not use the sitelink extensions, or if they use, they are not getting the results that they are looking for. The sitelink extensions work best when you are trying to deliver the ad for some phrase purpose where one particular destination can only be justified.

Some considerations with Sitelink extensions

  • The structure and the hierarchy of the PPC campaign is very important
  • The sitelink extensions are not intended to show
  • Make sure that the landing page on the sitelink extension is completely relevant to the text in the ad.

Call Extensions

Some customers only have to talk to someone before they are going to make a purchase. Might be they want to know whether something is in stock or not. If yes, they can find it on the website. They also talk to the expert and then order the item over the phone. It is totally up to you to determine whether you will do maths to take the phone order. It is another way to reach customers, which is not a bad thing. In such cases, the call extension is very useful on the desktop and quite critical on the mobile devices.

Check Out Ratings and Reviews

Assure the buyers that they are buying the product from a reputed source. Sometimes a social proof as like the reviews can slightly bring the case in your favour, even in the crowded space. It is mainly applicable when your brand is not so common, and you are in the situation when the customers are making the infrequent purchases.

Location Extensions

If you are having a brick and mortar business where the customers can come and buy the products; your PPC Ad will be more effective if the extension gets enabled. It is one of the easiest ways to get customers in your shop. However, if you have multiple locations, then the location extension is more useful as you can get customers fast for a location choice so that they can easily find the one that is best for them. The location extension is simple to enable when you are setting it on the website.

Affiliate Extensions

If you are a brand who is selling the products directly on the websites as like Flipkart and Amazon, and you also sell through your brick and mortar store, it is quite common to hear that you are competing with the stores that sell your products too. This is the place where the affiliate extension is quite useful.

These are seven Important Retail or Ecommerce PPC Copy Techniques that will help you to lead on edge. Besides, when you are talking about the PPC ad copy for eCommerce or retail stores, here are some of the tips you can follow-

  1. Have an option for the additional ad text
  2. Promo extensions
  3. Price extensions
  4. Callout extensions
  5. Structured snippets
  6. Dynamic keyword insertion
  7. Google Shopping campaigns

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for those who are trying to develop the PPC ad campaigns for retail and eCommerce sites.

7 Important Retail PPC Copy Techniques to Beat Your Competitors
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