Are you ready to refresh your existing website? The start of this year is the best time that you look forward to a change in the existing design of the site or even on the projects. You can also think how to incorporate some of the latest trends in the main framework of your website.

Starting from the functionality, color to topography; 2017 is a great year of new ideas and visual concepts that require exploring. Some of the designs are ready to come out on the scene, offering you with the right visual inspiration to get off and start fresh in the New Year. Here are some of the designing trends that you will see in this year-


Use of the gradients

Though it was missing from the design landscape in the past years, but the gradients are making a good comeback this year. The appearance of the color blurring technique has improved a lot. In the previous designs for gradients, there were subtle variations in the entire design. Let’s have the example of the Apple iOS icons. Now, the gradients that are used are big, more colorful and bold. The most common use is the two colors gradient overlay on the photos. It is one of the good options to change your look and to make less-interesting photos more attractive. Additionally, you can also use the gradient background for attracting the eye of the viewers.

Use of sound with video

People in these days like to watch more videos, for the short bits in the YouTube to the movies, mainly on the devices. Web sites can also bring out this cinematic experience by the use of the full-on video with the right sound display on the homepage. You can proceed carefully. You can include the option to toggle the sound on and off as there are some users who may not like the sound at a high volume. The content should be stellar So that the user can demand as per his requirement.

Use of simple homepages

More simple designs will strip away the heavy design of the home pages that were popular in the last years. Most of the designers in these days are choosing the design that features only word or two on the homepage. And before you start thinking about the SEO, the homepages are packed with lots of information in the lower section for scrolling. This is the best example of changing human habits. Users are now scrolling more on sites, irrespective of the devices they are using. This helps the designers to make a simple design of the home page.

Use of Custom Typography

Big and bold use letters never go out of style. It is one of the common trends that seem to better and better with time. Be thankful for the growing popularity of the web fonts and compatibility. The designers are using the typography risks with novelty and interesting typefaces. You should remember that cool lettering should be readable. If you are pairing it with the image or using it alone with the artwork, be sure that the users can understand what you want to show.

These are the four trends that you see in this year in the field of web designing.

4 Web Designing Trends You Can Try in Year 2017

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